Silver Seal paint protector
Coats paintwork with an invisible second skin, protecting it against the elements.A high performance protection system.
  • Silver Seal Paint Protector acts as an invisible second skin.
  • It uses advanced polymer technology to create a hard-wearing seal, which protects paintwork from the effects of rain, sunlight, ice and snow

Upholstery Protector

Silver Seal Upholstery Protector
Prevents soilings from staining fabric, leaving the upholstery in a life long “as new” condition. A high performance interior protection system, which you can sell-on to new and used car buyers or offer as a stand-alone service. We provide you with everything that you need – from point of sale materials to customer guarantee certificates.
  • Silver Seal Upholstery Protector creates a waterproof, protective barrier on fabrics & upholstery.
  • Accidental spillages such as coffee and tea bead off the material, preventing staining.

New car application from £350 depending on vehicle size the price will increase.



Price for silver seal application will vary on used cars due to the increase in preparation time.

CLICK link trim.1b1 at the top of the page for video.

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