Nanolab certified Detailer 
This is a permanent ceramic film paint coating offering a 3 year protection which features a high gloss, minor scratch resistant, chemical resistant, UV and anti graffiti resistant.

Ceramic coating is super hydrophobic and anti graffiti combined enabling the surface coated to remain clean from dirt and grime as water will bead up and roll off the surface with the dirt and grime keeping the coated area clean. Ceramic coating also offers superior protection from damaging contamination or harsh chemicals. It forms a permanent bond to the paint work and will not wash off or break down once applied which makes it a highly durable, protective, long lasting coating.

Ceramic coating technical details


Excellent high gloss, mirror finish with strong hydrophobic effect easy to maintain

No blistering, no flaking, no rusting with no change to colour or gloss

Heat resistant to 200 degrees

Minor scratch resistant

Prices for Ceramic Coating start from £500  and will increase depending on the size of the car.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS- Depending on the condition of the car, Ceramic Coating can take between 1 and 2 days.  NO QUOTES OVER THE PHONE OR VIA E-MAIL as car will need an inspection to determine the condition before a quote can be given and a £75 non-refundable deposit is required to secure booking.

If adverse weather conditions occur on the day then I will either re-book another date or return your £75.

Please note cold conditions can make the application take longer due to the curing times of the coating & warmer weather will make curing times quicker.

With all ceramic coatings, your car will receive a complimentary interior valet free of charge.

If you require a full interior deep clean or scotch guard protection this will be at an additional cost.

Monthly maintenance valets are offered if required to maintain the finish but are optional and will be charged at the mini valet rate.










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