Full Valet

Full Valet



Snow Foam & Rinse

Wash with ‘2 bucket’ method

All door shuts washed

Inside fuel cap

Car dried & Spray waxed

Glass Polished

Tyres & Wheel arches dressed

All door shuts spray waxed

Paintwork de-tarred

De-ironising gel applied to remove fallout from paint surface

Exhaust polished (if applicable)

Car is hand-polished/hand-waxed with an all in one product.


All carpets/mats + upholstery hoovered

All plastic trim wipe-down & dressed

Inside the air vents cleaned

Boot & spare wheel well hoovered

Seats wet vaced (deep-cleaned if applicable)

Leather seats washed with leather balm applied

Head lining washed


SMALL CAR £65.00
LARGE CAR/4×4 £120.00-£150.00

All prices for all my services could be subject to change dependent on the condition of the vehicle,iif condition of vehicle has changed since time of quote .

Wax upgrades are available at an additional cost on the full valet package and start from £25.

New car protection valets available

winter protection valets from £80 depending on sizes & condition.

End of lease valets / pre sale valets available